Observation decks
As one of the highlights offered by Free Sky, the 36world record-winning suspended glass observation decks allow visitors to enjoy thrilling cloud-riding experience at a high altitude.
VR interaction
A variety of advanced VR interactive devices bring a series of exciting games, allowing adventurous people to experience the thrill above the clouds.
Unique technology
Space-time tunnel, mirror labyrinth, smart city, people-shadow interaction, future telescopes; confined space, shuttle through time and space; high-tech, walking with the future.
Circular-screen hall
The immersive circular-screen shows the prosperous development of Shenzhen over the past 40 years since the reform and opening up, manifesting the historical changes and urban landscape of Shenzhen in different years.
Sight-seeing elevator
This is a unique domestic OLED multimedia 10m/s sightseeing elevator that will take you to the 547.6m-high cloud on the 116th floor. There are also multimedia images showing the rapid development of Shenzhen.
Gift store
A high-end and exquisite shopping environment, a dazzling array of exclusive souvenirs, and original and practical daily necessities that can meet the cultural and leisure purchase needs of tourists. Open-style merchandise display, experienced shopping guide staff and unique attributive souvenirs will leave tourists with a wonderful and unforgettable memory.